Tips To Deep Clean Your Home

Now that the holiday season is out of the way you probably feel like you want to start the new year off to a clear start with deep cleaning your home.

If you can start with the basics then you can call in ZGreen Restoration for any professional cleaning, hard to reach areas such as crawl spaces, damaged areas such as a fire that has left soot and black areas, flooded areas in the home are beyond repair, and we even help clean up any sewage or mold problems.


Before you start your deep clean you will need to declutter the rooms you are going to be working on to give it more space.

Put your items into three piles of keep, give to charity and sell. Place all the selling items in one room in the house and take the other items to the skip or charity shop ASAP before you can change your mind!


When you are starting on each room, place chairs upside down on tables, take off curtains and unzip pillows from pillowcases, take off tablecloths and wash them.

This will make sure that everything is fresh and clean and will help you relax even more when everything has a dirt and dust clean.

When we clean, we always start from the top of the room and work down to the bottom. Even things like lampshades, take them off first so that you can clean them more thoroughly before you start the floors.


A good pair of rubber gloves in your hand size will stop your hands getting sore and transferring any dust to your eyes and body.

Wear an outfit you can wash easily or disperse once finished with that is easy to move in.

For starting at the top of rooms, we would recommend a clean microfiber mop with a drop of water above eye level to clean the ceilings and light fixtures.

Surfaces nearer to the floor build up more dirt so use a bucket of water and mop with some cleaning solution you can dilute that is specifically for the floor. Dry off the floor with a towel to get any extra dirt to lift off.

If you use white vinegar which is inexpensive and can be bought in the grocery store this can stop mold, so this is great to use in your bathrooms.

For windows, a simple window cleaner and squeegee is all you need.

For hard surfaces, use furniture polish and a soft cloth.

Lint rollers are best for lampshades and blinds.

If you have stains that are hard to lift, then baking soda on a non-scratch pad and a dash of water can work wonders.

An old toothbrush is great for things like plug holes and taps as you can get in there more easily.

Magic Eraser sponges are a great secret for getting things like sinks white again or getting rid of stubborn stains.

Once you have cleaned try and leave windows open for 24 hours as well in the home so that your clean has a full air boost as well.


If you have any area in your home or office that has just been so damaged that you feel like you just can’t clean it properly or feel it needs a professional eye and machinery, then call us at ZGreen Restoration for help or checks on your home. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and offer a FREE, no obligation quote.

ZGreen Restoration is a certified restoration business. It is an IICRC-certified firm, which means we adhere to a higher standard than other companies. Trust in our fire restoration experts to get your house back in order. We are happy to discuss any of the points raised in this blog or how to restore your home after a natural disaster.

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