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We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility.
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24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call us at +1 831-421-9193.

    Ben Lomond Restoration Services

    Damage to property can occur for a variety of reasons, such as not being inhabited for some time, or simply because of storm activity. ZGreen Restoration will get you back up and running as if nothing ever happened on the property.

    Water Damage

    No matter the day of the week or holiday season, ZGreen Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We offer same-day water damage evaluations, prompt water extraction, and 24-hour emergency restoration.

    The more you wait the longer and more complex the restoration process is going to be. Contact us now for a free quote!

    Fire & Smoke Damage

    Fires have a destructive effect on both homes and commercial properties. Our top priority is to get your home back to its original condition.

    In addition to repairing the fire damage and cleaning the premise, it’s very important to remove the smoke smell, as such, we use specialised deodorizing products for a fresh new home smell.

    Mold Removal

    Mold is commonly the byproduct of water damage. It is also very commonly occurs in old properties.

    No matter the reason your property has got mold, it’s really important for the resident’s health to get the mold removed as it is toxic and can cause serious health problems.

    We are experts in mold removal so don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Sewage Cleanup

    Sewage cleanup should never be left unattend and dealt with quickly and properly.

    Sewage water consists of bacteria and virus that can cause serious health issues. Act on it urgently!

    Crawl Space Cleaning

    Crawl spaces shouldn’t be neglected and cleaned routinely as preventative maintenance for pipes and insulation.

    Doing so not only prevents damage in the long term but also keeps commercial and residential properties pest-free


    When disaster strikes, you need a trustworthy company that you can rely on to handle your property’s reconstruction.

    We at ZGreen specialize in all restorations services such as water or fire damage and we work with all insurance companies.

    We welcome all Insurance companies !

    New and existing clients can rest assured with ZGreen Restoration Services. We are dedicated and offer 24/7 restoration services 365 days a year.

    No matter the size of the job, ZGreen Restoration Services of Ben Lomond has your back!

    Ben Lomond Local Restoration Company

    ZGreen is a locally owned and operated business, that is strategically located in Santa Cruz to quickly answer your fire or flood damage situation.

    24/7 Emergency Restoration

    Let us give you peace of mind in an emergency. With a 45-minute response time, our compassionate and dependable specialists will clean up your disaster fast! We can even bill your insurance directly. Call +1 831-421-9193 now for a free, no-obligation estimate. We don’t just restore your home or business – we restore your life.