Property Damage – Who Should You Call When Disaster Occurs?

When a sudden accident or event damages your property, whether it is in your office or home, it is a very stressful situation. Damage can still keep evolving even after the disaster, such as additional water from a leak or flood, weakening the building structure making it unsafe to be in.

Mold can also weaken a structure as it grows and create health problems while it festers. Fire contamination can also happen long after the fire because of fumes and the corrosive products used to put the fire out, such as in a fireplace or small office cupboard, which will deteriorate your property if not cleaned up properly.

It is important that you don’t worsen the damage and remedy it quick to repair and rebuild it. Fire and flood restoration should be done straight after the accident has taken place. Follow these five steps to make sure you restore your home or office properly.

1. Call Emergency Services

Call 911 to distinguish a fire, get an ambulance to the property if required to look after your health and safety.

2. Limit The Damage

Turn off electric only if you are safe to do so. If you can’t do this then call a professional electric company. You will reduce or limit the damage to the property and make it safer for everyone on site.

3. Document Everything

Before step 4 you will need document any damage by getting all your insurance papers ready, taking pictures and collecting any reports or public records of the occurrence.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

You need to do this after the incident so that you can claim and process the damage costs. Do not interfere with any damage because they will need to check all this.

5. Contact A Restoration Company

When you talk to your insurance company, they might recommend a company or you can use your own by searching on google for ‘restoration companies near me’. The insurance team will then work directly with these contractors.

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