Preparing your home for Halloween 🎃

October is an exciting time for Halloween and many people have bonfire nights to celebrate this Fall season.

Is your home ready for this or do you feel like you might need to prep and get your home ready in time for some parties and visitors?

At ZGreen Restoration we can help you with many jobs you might be putting off or feel unable to do yourself, such as helping to get your garden into tip top shape and getting into areas such as crawl spaces for a clean-up or mold removal in awkward places.

A great area to start for the Halloween/Fall season is with your front door. Clean up the area and see if anything needs restoration at the front of your home such as blocked drainpipes and gutters, a build-up of fallen leaves and any ‘real’ cobwebs that might be growing.

Decorate your front door with fun Halloween items such as skeletons, fake cobwebs, ghosts and use fun lighting for some great special effects.

october post 2People usually leave a pumpkin outside if they are participating in the famous ‘trick or treat’ sweet tradition, however this is optional, and the lack of a pumpkin or decorations will indicate that you do not want to be bothered. You can also use blue pumpkins if anyone in your family has special needs so that they can still participate or if you are open to welcome people with additional needs to your door.

Inside your home make sure that your heating works well so that everyone keeps warm and doesn’t complain during your party season. We recommend purchasing a programmable thermostat so you can put your heating on set timings and be more cost effective as you are only using it when you will need it then.

For any fireplaces that are usually the star feature for any Fall gathering in a home, make sure that this is cleaned out well and you get a chimney sweeper in. This will prevent any fire catching light deep up inside your chimney that you can’t see in the fireplace and make it safe so that you are covered in your insurance.

Spiders, although a great effect for the Halloween period are pests in your home and can make it hard to relax. October is their mating season so male spiders come out of hiding to look for a mate.

To get rid of them in the home, create a natural spray bottle with water so that you are not deterring them naturally. The best oils to deter spiders are peppermint, cinnamon, clove, lavender, and citronella. In fact, you could make a blend of these oils in one spray and it’s a bonus that the oils smell good in your home.

Here at ZGreen Restoration, we specialise in cleaning and restoring crawl spaces, so if you suspect that you have an insect problem that is out of hand we can come and help you with our professional equipment and specialised team.

Now is a good time to check your windows for any leaks or cracks so that heat isn’t escaping which is terrible for heating bills. Give them a good clean with white wine vinegar mixed with water and place the palm of your hand over them in a sweeping motion to see if you can feel any breezes in the gaps.october post 3

For your garden, make sure any bonfires don’t have any animals hibernating in it before you light them. Pick up debris and weeds off the ground so that you don’t have big damp patches that will rot the grass. Invest in solar powered lights to brighten up the dark garden and for safety so people can see where they are going.

Now is also the perfect time to plant all your bulbs ready for the spring and prune any plants back so they can be in perfect bloom for the spring. Tulips and Daffodils are pretty bulbs you can plant now.

We hope that your Halloween party season is a fun time and that you found these tips useful! Let us know in the comments what restoration jobs you plan on doing this October.


However easy D.I.Y jobs seem, sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to get it all done. ZGreen Restoration specialise in any kind of home restoration and no job is too big or too small.

Did you know that we have professional equipment to deep clean carpets that have been damaged, fire and water damage restoration tools, deep cleaning machines, commercial trade cleaning products, safety equipment and we can restore your garden or home back to a wonderful state if you find it overwhelming?

Call us at ZGreen Restoration for help or checks on your home. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and offer a FREE, no obligation quote.

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