Prepare Your Garden for The Summer

It’s easy to neglect your garden over the winter and spring, especially when bad weather or rain make it impossible to get out there and mow the lawn or do planting.

Garden restoration can be a tough task to get it back to a manageable condition, but if you put the work in now then you can have it ready, to enjoy it for the summer.

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Restore your garden this summer

Here is our quick guide for covering all bases to restore your garden back into shape for the summer:

1. Check out general property maintenance all around your home from the outside. Look up at all your pipes, windows, outside walls and fencing and see if there is any trouble shooting to be done. Once your garden is done you will want to look up at your house and be able to relax.

2. Prune and reshape shrubs, trees, and plants to encourage new growth and make it manageable. Anything that is dead or growing the wrong way, make sure you also cut this away as well.

3. Check decking for any rotting or new construction needed as this can be easily missed unless inspected properly. Clean the decking and sand down any rough wood.

4. How is your fencing looking? Is it still separating you from your neighbours? Are there any gaping holes to repair and does it need protective paint to protect it from the elements?

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5. Remove any old leaves and debris from your guttering to stop them getting blocked and give them a good clean out to protect against mold.

6. Look out for any growing algae that has appeared from the cold winter months and annoying plants such as Ivy. Cut them back now before the strong sun comes out which will make them have a growth spurt.

7. Remove any waste or items you don’t use anymore form the garden such as an old child’s bike or dirty paddle pools.

8. Mow your lawn and look for any bad patches where the grass has topped growing. Treat it with lawn feed. To create a healthy lawn, use a slow-release fertilizer. Be careful about how much you use.

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9. Clean any glass tables outside as no doubt they will have had dirt smeared on them from the elements.

10. Scrub out any bird boxes and replenish the feed so you can get them coming to your garden again.

11. Clean any wicker chairs and wash cushions so they are ready for use again. Invest in a good garden box that you can store cushions in.

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12. Paint any old fencing, walls or decking now so that you won’t have to do it when you want to enjoy it.

13. If you have evident mold or suspect there is hidden mold due to the smell then do call in for professional help.

ZGreen professional Restoration

Call a professional restoration company such as ZGreen Restoration who will have commercial trade cleaning products, safety equipment and who will be able to restore your garden back to a wonderful state if you find it overwhelming.

Call us at ZGreen Restoration for help or checks on your home. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and offer a FREE, no obligation quote.

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