Improve Your Home With D.I.Y Restoration

August is a great month to do any D.I.Y jobs as it’s a holiday month, so you might be off work or can get your kids to help, the weather is warmer so materials like paint and glue dry quicker and because it is usually good weather you can use your lawn to sort out your stuff or do jobs outside.

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Here are 6 easy D.I.Y ideas that you can do today to improve the look of your home instantly and make it a cosy haven that has cost next to nothing to achieve.


  1. Reupholster a Chair

If your dining table chairs are looking a bit worn or your armchair is usually covered up with a blanket because you feel embarrassed about holes or rips, then you can easily upholster a chair on your own.

Chair upholstery

Start by picking a new fabric which can easily be found in the bargain bins or cheaply online.

Remove old upholstery from the seat cushion as well as old padding and fabric so you are left with just the seat base.

Cut out some new foam that is the same size as the old seat. Then simply apply the foam and some batting material with a handheld stapler underneath to the seat.

Then apply your fabric and staple on the underside every two inches the material doesn’t pucker. Trim the corners so there is no batting hanging out or excess fabric. Wrap and staple the corners in.

Add a dust cover neatly to the underside. You are then ready to glue the cushion to the seat, so it stays on when someone sits down.

This will instantly freshen up any chair and is so quick and easy to do!

  1. Make your home bloom

Look around your home and see if there are any plants that are dead or just not thriving. Pot houseplants that are suitable for the area you want them in such as bright light by a window or a warm area. Good houseplants can improve the airflow in your home. Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, and a Dragon Plant a known to remove Formaldehyde from the air so are a great health benefit as well as looking great. Water regularly and use good soil and pots for longevity.

House Plants


  1. Fit a new doorknob

A new doorknob can change the whole look of a cupboard, door, or wardrobe. You can find a great variety of styles on eBay. Tools and Materials you might need to include are a drill, pencil, pocket hole jig, screwdriver, screws, chisel, and a new doorknob. It should take you about ten to twenty minutes to fit a new one.

Door Knob

You can easily work out the size of the lock by measuring the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle or knob. This measurement is called the backset and will give you the size of the lock you have. Easy peasy!


  1. Change your lampshades

Something as simple as changing a lampshade can make your room go from old fashioned and dowdy to modern and fresh in a minute!

Go and visit a light showroom and see what kind of style you like. Then write down the style and see if you can get it second hand or better still, if you can make your own then it is very easy to do.

With a fire-proof lining, any fabric can be used to make the outside of your lampshade, cotton, silk and lined are the most popular choices. Online you can find lots of cheap and easy kits as well as templates which will help you. You’ll be shocked you didn’t do it sooner when you see how easy it is to do!

  1. Paint and refresh your front door

The front door of a home is the first thing you look at when you get to a house, so make your door a bold statement. A door should be clean, well painted and usually display your door number clearly.

Front Door

It is easy to revamp a front door with special outdoor paint once you have sanded and cleaned it beforehand.

The most popular colors for doors are blue, sage and black as this is deemed professional and looks clean. However, yellow, red and pink are increasingly also becoming popular for a vivacious option as well to make your home stand out from the crowd.


  1. Tidy and declutter with new storage solutions

There really is nothing like a good tidy up and sort out to declutter your home. August is a great month to do this as you can spread everything out on your lawn and take your time to sort things out into three easy piles of chuck, save and sell.

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Tidy up your home with easy shelves and storage solutions when you put everything back. You would not believe how easy everything is to fit and install these days. Utility and pantry rooms can be revitalised and renewed in no time at all and make your life easier when you want to find things.


However easy D.I.Y jobs seem, sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to get it all done. ZGreen Restoration specialise in any kind of home restoration and no job is too big or too small.

Did you know that we have professional equipment to deep clean carpets that have been damaged, fire and water damage restoration tools, deep cleaning machines, commercial trade cleaning products, safety equipment and we can restore your garden or home back to a wonderful state if you find it overwhelming?

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