Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Fall is now here and what an exciting time to rejuvenate your home after the hot summer months!


There are quite a few jobs that you might not have been able to do in the summer because it has been too warm to work in or your kids have been off for the school holidays, so you haven’t had full access to your home properly.


First, start by giving your home a good deep clean. It sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the dust and dirt that can build up over the summer months.

Clean your front door and put up a fabulous autumn wreath to welcome in the new season. Clean windows with white wine vinegar, fresh lemon, and water so they will sparkle. Put sofa covers and cushions in the wash so they are fresh and maybe think about a new bedlinen which is warmer.

When you are doing this check your windows for any draughts so you can seal this up and make sure they are ready for the colder season.


Give your garden a spruce up by putting away any summer items such as inflatable swimming pools, sunbeds, and items you probably won’t be using anymore.

Autumn is a great season to prune and sew bulbs and seeds so that you can relax for the winter knowing it is all done for the spring. So do give your garden a good going over where the planting is concerned. Clear away any leaves, especially any that have gathered in gutters and drains, so you don’t get any blockages.


Tidy up your wardrobes by putting all your summer clothes away and getting your warmer clothes ready. Were there any items over the summer that you simply did not wear at all? If so, you could sell them to get some great new autumn garments.

Organise accessories such as gloves, scarves, jackets, and boots so you will know exactly where to find them on your glorious walks.

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Check your boiler system, that it all works well for easily heating up the home. Also check boiler pressure to make sure there is no trapped air is stuck as this will affect your heating flow. If in doubt call a professional in to help.

Check all your lighting as you will start to use this much more. Are your lightbulbs all working okay and have you got some cosy candles at the ready?

We hope that your rejuvenations get you ready for a cosy and happy autumn home!

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