Garage Restoration

May is a great month to get your garage area in full restoration, ready for the rest of the year. May is warm and light enough to see clearly and carry out the job in hand, inside and out.

Often the garage is the place that families leave all their clutter and unwanted goods that they don’t need. Instead of having its actual function as a clean place to store your car or having it as a handy workroom and neat storage space it can instead be a cluttered space that you just want to avoid.

Garage restoration – Getting started

You can change this if you organise at least two-three days to carry out all these tasks:garage 2

  1. Clean up the garage

Take everything out of the garage and put it outside. Get a bucket of warm water and soap and scrub down all the walls and flooring.

Target any mold areas with bleach (see our other blog posts specifically on this topic) and polish the windows inside and out with white wine vinegar and water.

Hoover up any debris such as leaves and scoop away any mud and grit.

Sweep away dust surrounding the garage doors and make sure there are no weeds growing around the garage. Also, any Climbing Ivy as these can spread so easily.

Check corners for any insects such as spiders and snails. Retreat them to a safe space in the garden.

Air out your garage by opening all doors and windows if they open to get rid of any musty smells, so you can start visiting your garage again more frequently.

  1. Organise the tools in your garage

Ask yourself if you really need every tool and accessory in your garage. Often, we will have similar things or own broken tools. Throw away any excess or items that don’t work.

Create hooks on the wall that are easy to fix with superglue, so that you can hang up your tools and see exactly what you have.

Get some tins and storage pots and label them clearly for things like nails, screws, and fixtures.

Check any items such as sprays and liquids for expiry dates and chuck them away if they are broken or out of date.

Install storage options such as shelves and cupboards so that you can store anything in a neat fashion and find it easily.

garage picture 1

  1. Upgrade the garage light fixtures

Do you need new lightbulbs and is the wiring okay in your garage? Now is the time to check it out.

You might find that you will want to upgrade to new sources of light.

Track lighting is great for light over tables and areas where you work.

You might also want to think about lights for emergencies like flood lighting, torches, and battery operated/solar powered lights so you don’t have to rely on your main electrics if there is something like a storm or freak weather.

  1. Give A Décor Fix

Why not give your walls in your garage inside and out a nice lick of paint, seeing as you now have it cleaned and everything out of it?

Make sure that when you use paint it is weatherproof and waterproof so it will last through the elements.

How about some nice curtains if you have strong sunshine that leaks through the windows as this can create sun damage, or maybe an industrial rug to keep the warmth in when working in there on colder evenings?

Make an area where you can relax with an armchair, a radio and perhaps even a kettle and tea making facilities if you can make for an area, you can relax away from the house in as well as work in.

garage 3

  1. Declutter

Now that you have all the inside nice and ready, don’t put any junk back inside the garage. With any old toys either sell or take them to the junk yard. The same with bags of clothes or things you might be saving. Get rid of it now and you can easily get it again if you need to second hand.

Try not to be so sentimental. Keep a few important things but letting go of physical memories will also help you to heal.

  1. Garage Doors

Now that you have revamped your garage, have a look at your garage doors and see if they need replacing or repairing as they will have a lot of use. Often, small holes and cracks can appear from weather damage, so it is important these are fixed. Plus, doors can make the world of difference to the appearance of your garage and improve your home assets.

garage 5


Mold and Water Removal

Call a professional restoration company, such as ZGreen Restoration, if you have a garage that needs professional help that you just can’t manage.

If you have problems such as mold, water or fire damage, crawl spaces, damaged roofing, or windows, then Zgreen Restoration can take care of that.

If you have any area in your home, office or garage that needs restoration or is a major problem or feel it needs a professional eye and machinery, then call us at ZGreen Restoration for help or checks on your home. We are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and offer a FREE, no obligation quote.

ZGreen Restoration is a certified restoration business. It is an IICRC-certified firm, which means we adhere to a higher standard than other companies. Trust in our fire restoration experts to get your house back in order. We are happy to discuss any of the points raised in this blog or how to restore your home after a natural disaster.

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