Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Property Restoration

Here at ZGreen Restoration, we deal with so many queries and estimates of restoration both in the home and the workplace, that we would like to share with you some of the myths and misconceptions about restoration.

Here are some very common ones:

  1. There can’t be any mold as the area is dry.

This is a problem we see quite often with our customer queries, that because an area is dry to the touch that it can’t possibly be a mold problem and must be something else.

It’s false because if water has gone into a building through flooding or external leaking then it could dry up from the outside wall but could still be lingering inside where the mold will be growing. Therefore, it won’t feel wet on the surface but will be a problem underneath that will get worse if not treated correctly.

Mold is hazardous to your health and can cause massive damage to structures. Our technicians are experienced in mold removal, water damage restoration, and all other aspects of mold remediation. We also provide a FREE MOLD INSPECTION.

  1. Once you have a fire in a building it will always smell like smoke.

We would like to instantly debunk this myth. Once you a hire a professional fire damage restoration company like ZGreen Restoration, then we will not only clean all the fire damage up, but also deep clean odor particles deep within the property.

Fire produces a lot of ash and soot. If this isn’t addressed early, it will eat away whatever and wherever it rests. Ash contributes to unpleasant odor and discoloration, and it can nestle deep into the porous materials in the building. Soot is an oil-based substance that is highly acidic and is usually a compound of all the things that melted. Soot is a stubborn element that might need special attention to remove.

There are many ways you can clean the damage from smoke, but if you want to eliminate the smell of smoke, get a professional to do the job. Even if the fire was small, the smell could linger for years after.

  1. Professional restoration is more expensive than a DIY job

This is not true as while someone can clean away an area to make it habitable, a professional restoration company will do a proper deep clean that will also clean up hidden damage. If you have had fire damage, water damage or smoke damage in your home you are much better off getting a professional to access and repair it.

Hidden damage can carry on ruining the building such as mold or fire damage, which sometimes can’t be seen on the surface. Hidden damage is therefore much more costly in the end to repair if not sourced instantly.

We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility.

  1. It’s much easier and cheaper to just replace your belongings

Once you have an emergency in your home or office, where things are ruined, you might think that the only thing you can do is get rid of them and replace everything.

Although some items will be un-saveable, your professional restoration service company will be able to examine each item and make a decision as to whether it can be repaired and restored, saving you money and time.

  1. Clean-up and restoration only takes place in the building

This is not true because although the main clean-up will be in the home or office, when you have a professional restoration, the company might take items to clean and restore it elsewhere so that they can use professional tools and salvage them correctly.

After restoration the company will return the repaired items to you in correct order.

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