Water Damage Restoration San Jose

Make any home or office habitable again. We are available 24/7 and accept all insurance companies!

Quality Assurance

We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest quality level as we understand that people value their time and money.

24/7 Emergencies

ZGreen Restoration knows that fixing the effects of fire, water, and contamination should not be put off for too long.


Our goal is to fix your problem, not drain your wallet.  This is why ZGreen Restoration is always willing work with your insurance.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration For Home & Office

We service Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties. Whether the damage is caused by water or fire, or you need mold remediation services, ZGreen Restoration of South Bay is your number one option.

Residential Services

Whether you require emergency flood damage restoration or different restoration support, you can trust the ZGreen team to make your house feel like home again. We've got the training, expertise, and equipment to restore your home like nothing ever happened.

Commercial Services

Damages to a company from water, smoke, fire, or mold can mean lost revenue. When tragedy strikes, we prioritize your site to start our commercial restoration process to minimize business interruptions and get your business running again.

Water and Fire Damage restoration Testimonials

Restoration Services In San Jose

Damage to property can occur for a variety of reasons, such as not being inhabited for some time, or simply because of storm activity.  ZGreen Restoration will get you back up and running as if nothing ever happened on the property.

Water Damage

Our highly trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including on holidays. This is because damage from water gets worse as time passes, making restoration more complex. Contact ZGreen Restoration immediately to minimize damage to your property.

Fire & Smoke Damage

We understand that fire can have a devastating effect on homes, and offices. Our number one goal is to restore your property to its original condition. We will use the best deodorizing products and purge that smokey smell from your home.

Mold Removal

Mold is often a result of water damage, but can also present itself on really old properties.  Either way, mold is toxic and you shouldn’t risk your health by continuing to breathe it in.  ZGreen Restoration will rid your property of mold for good.

Sewage Cleanup

Proper sewage cleanup is critical, and it should be done immediately. It should go without saying, that sewage water contains harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses that can be a serious threat to your health.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Tight to reach spaces in your home need to be routinely cleaned as preventative maintenance for pipes and insulation.  You’ll save money by avoiding future damage, and you’ll also be sure that your home or office is pest free.


When your property experiences the unthinkable, you need a reconstruction, and restoration service that you can depend on.  ZGreen Restoration specializes in restoring homes and businesses, with serious water or fire damage.

Serving Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, and San Mateo County

LET US Improve your environment

At ZGreen Restoration, we understand that the people we work with are going through a stressful and emotionally difficult time. Because of this, we strive to provide caring and courteous support, upfront, timely communication, and effective services to our customers. Floods and fires are what cause water damage, fire damage, smoke odor, mold. We offer all of the services you’ll need to restore your home or business.

We are the team you need

We provide help with any domestic or commercial restoration problem. You can choose the service you need from our list, or let us know if you need any other general maintenance help. We will gladly do even non-standard work!

Complete Restoration service

We will bring your home back like nothing ever happened.

Best Offers

Our company offers a flexible discount system and a lot of incentives for our clients.

National Standards, Local Owners

We meet national technical requirements and specifications, and are in line with all the industry standards.

Worry-Free Experience

You’ll appreciate our hassle-free service and the high quality of work we do for our clients.

Professional Approach

All of our experts are certified and well-trained to provide you with the professional help you need.

Qualified Agents

Our agents have vast experience in restoration. They are highly skilled with professional certifications to back that up.